Helping Seniors with Dementia - alzheimer's care towson md

Each stage of Alzheimer’s disease comes with distinct complications, and the techniques to conquer those challenges and help older adults live the best life possible must be adjusted accordingly. In the later stages of Alzheimer’s disease, it is very common for the elder’s level of activity and involvement to decline; however, it is still crucially essential for caregivers to look for as many opportunities as possible for helping seniors with dementia remain active and involved in enjoyable pastimes.

The caregiving team at Absolute Companion Care is trained and competent in appropriate Alzheimer’s care for each stage of the disease. We recommend the following engaging activities to try out with an elder loved one in late stage Alzheimer’s:

  • List the elder’s interests. A very good initial step is to put together a comprehensive list of what has piqued the elder’s interest earlier in her life: her favorite genre of music and songs, hobbies, and passions. Having as much of this information as possible in one place will assist in trying to find comparable activities that she might enjoy. For instance, if she raised and trained beagles, scheduling a therapy dog to visit or buying a stuffed dog that appears to be similar to one she had in younger years might bring her tremendous joy.
  • Make sure that the person has time outdoors. Nothing is quite as exhilarating and soothing as feeling the sunshine on your face and a cool breeze blowing through your hair. Bring the older adult to the local park, or even just take a walk/wheelchair ride around the block or through a garden to allow her the chance for fresh air and to experience firsthand the pure beauty of nature. A family member, neighbor, or caregiver from a well-respected Towson MD home care agency, like Absolute Companion Care, can help an elder stay in touch with the outdoors.
  • Take time to reminisce. Since Alzheimer’s affects short-term memory first and commonly leaves longer-range memories intact, revisiting stories you know from the elder’s past, helping her look through photograph albums, playing the song she danced to at her wedding or when rocking her little ones can all bring about an elevated interest in the world around her.
  • Engage in the arts. Arts and crafts are often effective activities throughout the stages of Alzheimer’s. In the late stages, the individual may just hold onto craft materials or help put them into place as the caregiver handles the greater part of the activity, but the tactile engagement by itself is comforting, and can spark memories of activities she’s worked on in the past.

For more appropriate activity strategies for helping seniors with dementia, contact the home care team at Absolute Companion Care. Our professional home care team are devoted to making sure that each elder’s overall health, wellbeing, and enjoyment in life are optimized through compassionate, patient, customized home care services. You can reach us any time at 410-357-9640 to arrange for a free in-home assessment or to learn more about memory care in Towson, MD and the surrounding areas.