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Premier Maryland In Home Companion Care Services You Should Expect

Quality and consistency are two of the most important values of effective in-home elder care. At Absolute Companion Care, we’re dedicated to providing you with the highest quality in home companion care services, with professional caregivers that feel like family. From the very beginning, we commit to matching each client with a caregiver who best matches the client’s personality and needs. Clients receive the same caregivers on a regular basis to ensure continuity of care, familiarity, and trust.

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Our team approach provides each caregiver with a peer support system, and someone with whom to trade scheduled days or times in the event of illness or otherwise. Each team has a Team Leader acting as the conduit for communication between team members, client, and Absolute Companion Care leadership. For advanced care services, our RN provides mentoring and oversight. Our caregivers build rapport and a “web of caring” for each other and our clients. Call us today at 410-357-9640 to get started!

Levels of Care

We offer graduated levels of care—at your home, your retirement community, or in a facility—to meet our clients’ evolving needs from basic support and companionship, to more comprehensive, RN-supervised care.

Level I

Level I Occasional Use Transportation Services.

  • Accompany to appointments/activities
    • Pick up; lobby wait or attend an appointment to support and take notes; prescription pick up; escort into the home and make sure the client is safe and settled before leaving. Nutrition/hydration services can be included if desired.
  • Errands directed by the client or family. These can be done by the caregiver alone or together with the client.

Level II

Level II assistance is related to activities of independent living with oversight, activity, and follow-through by the caregiver. All Level I services are incorporated in Level II care as needed.

  • Activity planning, appointment scheduling, errands directed by the client or family
  • Accompany to meals and appointments/activities
  • Medication reminders, including assistance monitoring prescription expiration dates and refills
  • Exercise assistance and encouragement
  • Meal planning, preparation, and clean up; prepare and label future meals
  • Grocery and/or general household shopping
  • Light housekeeping; tidying up, laundry, assistance with household organization
  • Preparation and monitoring of a safe and stable environment as needed for fall risk clients
  • Cognitive/mental and social activities and interaction individually suited to each client

Level III

Level III care includes Level I & II while also providing partial or total assistance with one or more routine care activities the client is unable to perform independently.

  • Hands-on assistance with bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting with or without adult protective undergarments, transferring, and feeding.
  • Apparatus operation including Hoyer lifts, sit/stand lifts, gait belt transfers, catheter care, etc.
  • Overnight care
  • Hospice care in conjunction with hospice RN oversight.
  • Post-operative care with hands-on assistance until client’s consistent strength returns him/her to Level II care or full independence.
  • Multi-stage dementia care. Unique problem-solving techniques and an innovative approach to client reality decreases anxiety and behavioral issues while increasing positive interactions, maintaining routines and supporting families.


Mind, body, spirit, environment: We value a comfortable, client-focused environment with personal meaning. Interactions are with and for the client, maintaining respect for client preference. Trained to provide health care support through HIPAA compliant communication, our caregivers share in the mission and values of our company and are our best ambassadors.

Personal Care Journal

We keep a personal care journal for all clients utilizing Level II or III care. This journal houses an ongoing and current record of care for the client and provides alternate caregivers with an easy-to-follow example of the client’s daily routine. Family members may also use the journal to stay abreast of daily activities and care. Caregivers record daily notes observing patterns of activities, behavior, mood, nutrition, and hydration in addition to routine care activities. Upon arrival, all caregivers are required to read previous care notes to ensure continuity of care.

Life Enrichment Activities

Our goal is improving life at home, and our caregivers take pride in planning and providing activities that complement and enrich each client’s lifestyle, tastes, and preferences. Our caregivers and clients take day trips, go holiday shopping, and many have joined bowling leagues, sewing circles, and book clubs together. We plant spring flowers or take the boat out, feed the chickens or select an outfit for an elegant dinner. We even cook the elegant dinner. In short, we provide the kind of in home companionship and care services you should expect.

Training Makes All the Difference!

Institute for Professional Care EducationWe know that allowing a caregiver into the home is often a sensitive and challenging time for older adults and their loved ones. That’s why all our caregivers receive extensive education via the Institute for Professional Care Education (IPCed), a nationally renowned training and certification agency for caregiving professionals. We also require continuing education for all caregivers who become certified in Alzheimer’s and dementia care to ensure your loved one receives the very best level of care.




To learn more about elder care Towson, MD and the surrounding area trust, contact us online or call us at 410-357-9640.

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