Our Team Caregiving Approach

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The same faces….. the same care… with at least two alternating caregivers per household. Having a team in place not only ensures dependable service, it provides continuity and coordination of care, a level of familiarity, comfort, trust, and compassion for client, caregiver, and family.

Our team approach provides each caregiver with a peer support system, and someone with whom to trade scheduled days or times in the event of illness or otherwise. Each team has a Team Leader acting as the conduit for communication between team members, client, and Absolute Companion Care leadership. For advanced care services, our RN provides mentoring and oversight. Our caregivers build rapport and a “web of caring” for each other and for our clients.

Levels of Service

Level I

Support and companionship increase the confidence and safety of an elder living independently

Level II

Greater activity, follow-through and involvement by the caregiver

Level III

Partial/Total Assistance with all aspects of personal care activities

Beyond Basic

Our trained and mentored caregivers are our BEST AMBASSADORS

Appointments, outings, errands, activities: your car or ours

We offer Special Event Companions (Weddings, parties)

Shopping & household care, cooking & make ahead meals

Care Notebook for ongoing caregiver and family communication; Multiple levels of oversight

Medication reminders Advocacy “eyes & ears” at appointments

We will coordinate & invoice long term care insurance

Monitor for safety while walking, sleeping, bathing, guiding prescribed exercise

Stand-by assistance for any/all activities of daily living: grooming and personal care, bathing, eating, transfer

We have it covered!

Medication administration (we organize meds for you)

Memory care & support

We offer more Memory Care emphasis & training than any other area agency

Caregiving for hospice support

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Elder Care Service Levels

Level I

Level I services are basic tasks related to activities of independent living. This support and companionship can increase the confidence and safety of an elder living alone.

Examples of LEVEL I care and services include:

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Level II

Level II services incorporate (are “in addition to”) Level I services but with greater activity and involvement by the caregiver. More physical tasks are undertaken by the caregiver. Follow-through with planning occurs (e.g. process involves making grocery list, coupon clipping, and follow through with grocery shopping, putting groceries away, helping with meal prep., etc.).

Examples of Level II services include:

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Level III

Level III caregivers incorporate Levels I and II, but spend more time partially or totally assisting with some or all activities of daily living (ADLs).

State regulations require an RN assessment of clients who require or request assistance with ADLs. Our RN will use the assessment information to develop a Plan of Care to be followed by the assigned caregiver(s) assigned.

Examples of Level III services include partial or total assistance with:

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Memory Care

Symptoms of dementia vary widely among individuals.  Mild to moderate dementia and safety oversight are appropriately addressed with our Level II or III care.

Little extras are a big help:

Absolute Companion Care offers and requires continuing education for our caregivers who become certified in Memory Care.

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Daily Log

All clients requesting Level II or III care have a personalized notebook/journal with an ongoing and current record of care for the client.  This also provides alternate caregivers with an easy-to follow example of the client’s daily routine with family members may also use the notebook to be apprised of daily activities and care.

Caregivers record daily notes observing patterns of activities, behavior, mood, nutrition and hydration in addition to routine care activities. Upon arrival, all caregivers are required to read previous care notes to ensure continuity of care.

The notes are written while on duty and are neatly kept, up-to-date, and organized in the Client Notebook.  The original comes to the Absolute Companion Care office, and the carbon remains in the notebook.

All notes are reviewed by each team leader and an Agency Director.  Level III client notes are also read by our RN.  This is one of the many ways Absolute Companion Care provides outstanding oversight and care to our clients and families.


It’s all about improving a lifestyle at home. Our caregivers take pride in planning and providing activities that compliment each client’s lifestyle, tastes, and preference. One client often lamented that she could no longer enjoy the beach. Her caregiver responded with a warm basin of sand, a heat lamp and sunglasses, a CD of ocean waves and gulls, scented suntan lotion, and a virgin daiquiri. Encouraging the client to close her eyes and place her bare feet in the sand, they enjoyed an afternoon of “sun and sand”. It was a wonderful day.

Our caregivers and clients take day trips, go holiday shopping (out or online) and many have joined (with our clients) bowling leagues, sewing  circles and book clubs. We plant the spring flowers or take the boat out, feed the chickens or select an outfit for an elegant dinner. We even COOK the elegant dinner.

We provide elder care you should EXPECT…….at home.

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