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Absolute Companion Care, LLC, Home Health Services, Monkton, MD

Absolute Companion Care is licensed as a Residential Services Agency #R2479, by the Maryland Dept.of Health & Mental Hygiene, Office of Health Care Quality
Our employees are bonded and insured.

Absolute Companion Care is a proud member or affiliate of the following organizations:

Caregiver Action Network

Home Care Association of America

National Association for Home Care & Hospice

Private Duty Home Care Association

Absolute Companion Care - Who We are

How We Began...

In 2006 our founder assisted an elder neighbor that needed consistent and dependable quality home care.  Dismayed by a dearth of options available in the northern part of Baltimore County, she began forming a vision and mission that became Absolute Companion Care. 

Absolute (adj.) ab-so-lute: 1. Standing apart from the usual  2. Fundamental  3. Complete

From the start, we have attracted, trained, and mentored a cadre of caregivers looking for the intrinsic rewards that elder care brings. Our policies and procedures form the backbone of our care model by exceeding the Annotated Code of Maryland requirements for our type of business.  Benchmarks of excellence including education, skills training, and professionalism ensure quality and continuity of care. Finally, our clients are assured that leadership stays closely connected in every aspect of care.  This is elder care you should expect.

Absolute Companion Care is licensed by the State of Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene; Office of Health Care Quality. Our licensure is formally listed as a Residential Services Agency with a skilled nursing component Lic. #R2479. We are members of the National Private Duty Association, National Home Care & Hospice, the Maryland National Capital Homecare Association, the Caregiver Action Network and the Better Business Bureau.
We live in the community where we do business.  We are not a franchise. 


Dr. Christine Martin, Ph.D. - Executive Director at Absolute Companion CareChristine Martin, Ph.D., is the owner and Executive Director of Absolute Companion Care.  She has three decades of collaborative teaching and leadership experience in undergraduate science and graduate medical education.  Her research focus at the University of Maryland Medical School included motivation and self-efficacy for successful caregiving. Her awards include the National Institute of Staff and Professional Development Medal of Excellence, the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis/Berlex Patient and Family Education Award, and the International Organization of MS Nurses “Hope” Award for Caregiver Empowerment.  She is a President Emeritus of the Human Anatomy & Physiology Society and continues to teach online at the undergraduate level.  In the community, she is a singer with the Deer Creek Chorale and Saint James Episcopal Church choir.

Kathryn C. Rogers, M.Ed - Managing Director at Absolute Companion CareKathryn C. Rogers, M.Ed, is the Managing Director of Absolute Companion Care. Her master’s degree in Education from Towson University included a concentrated curriculum in Human Growth and Development.  Kathy’s three decades of teaching and small business experience provide an enhanced experience for both caregivers and clients.  She has been instrumental to the success of the business by managing all employee and client records while staying current with the laws and regulations which govern home care.  As a key player in Absolute Companion Care’s employee training and mentoring program, she develops ongoing interactive educational sessions that provide tools for success, e.g. role playing techniques for conflict resolution.

Robin L. Ferguson, RN, BSN - Absolute Companion CareRobin L. Ferguson, RN, BSN provides training and clinical oversight for caregivers at Absolute Companion Care.   She performs a thorough assessment for new clients and works with client and family to develop a personalized care plan.   Robin received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from the College of Notre Dame of Maryland.   She has practiced nursing across a variety of disciplines during her three decades of professional experience, among them Orthopedics, Workers Compensation, Home Care.  Robin specializes in Geriatrics with a certification in Case Management, and has been teaching and training Certified /Geriatric Nursing Assistants since 2007.  She is credentialed to teach and certify Basic Life Support CPR, Heart Saver CPR and First Aid.