A Sound Career Choice

Absolute Companion Care, LLC, Home Health Services, Monkton, MD

When Absolute Companion Care began in 2006, we knew we wanted caregivers who offered a work ethic of commitment, dependability, and responsibility. 

What we didn’t realize was that our company would have the honor and opportunity to provide a sound career choice for men and women who might not otherwise consider caregiving as a permanent earnings-solution.

If you’re hired, here’s what you can expect from us:

You’ll be as an employee who receives a W-2 at the end of the year NOT a 1099. 

Not sure what that means?
The IRS clearly defines what being an employee means. Under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) 12.4% of earned income must be paid into Social Security, and an additional 2.9% must be paid into Medicare.  When you’re employed, you pay only half the FICA bill (In 2013, 6.2% for Social Security plus 1.45% for Medicare), and the tax is automatically withheld.  Your employer contributes the rest.  We are also responsible for withholding your state and federal taxes and paying them to the appropriate agencies.  Find more info here.

Protection:  You’ll have professional liability coverage, will be bonded and insured, and will have access to Workmen’s Compensation and Unemployment Benefits.

A fair wage.  Our CNAs begin at more than double the Maryland minimum wage if accepting a Level III (ADL assist) client.  Caregivers without certification still make about 65% over minimum wage.  Weekend wages are higher.  Our employees are paid bi-weekly through direct deposit and have online access to wage history through our secure website. 

Absolute Companion Care is licensed as a Residential Services Agency #R2479, by the Maryland Dept.of Health & Mental Hygiene, Office of Health Care Quality
Our employees are bonded and insured.

Employment Opportunities in Elder Care

We are always interested in speaking to caregiver candidates who share our philosophy about elder care. 

We expect a lot - that’s why our caregivers are our best ambassadors.  We hire both certified and non-certified companions and caregivers.  We also have LPNs and RNs who maintain their licensure but desire to work 1-on-1 as a caregiver.

We hire caregivers who demonstrate :

Your job description is here.

Please do not apply if all you want and need is “A JOB”.  Elder care requires a giving personality, job commitment, a positive attitude and a caregiver who embraces fostering the mind, body, spirit and environment.  At Absolute Companion Care, we put the client first.  We are paid to have excellent and dedicated caregivers. 

Ready?  Our application is here

Caregivers who provide any type of personal care for a client will have oversight by our RN.  We will train and mentor you. We offer required, paid quarterly educational sessions.  We will perform state and federal background checks and random drug tests at our expense as part of employment requirements. You must have a vehicle and will be required to provide proof of a clean driving record from the MVA and proof of automobile liability.  In some cases, you will drive the client’s vehicle.  All caregivers are hired as employees and will be bonded and covered with professional liability insurance.

Have Questions?

What happens after I submit an application? 

Once we view your application we’ll phone you and have a more personal conversation.  If we feel you’re a good fit we’ll schedule an in-person interview (that takes between one and two hours). 

What happens if I’m hired? 

We’ll call you.  If you accept, we’ll call your references, check your employment history and your background.  You'll complete A LOT of paperwork and will be scheduled for orientation (2-4 hours).

Do you have a probationary period? 

Yes. A six month period begins after the caregiver has been assigned to a client.

Do I have to work 40 hours a week? 

No.  Our employment hours are as flexible as our clients and caregivers allow.  We have some caregivers who work an 8 hour week and some who work much, much more.  Some work only on weekends, and some only nights.  And it changes.  The less availability/flexibility you have to work, the longer it can take to get a regular client.  Your choice. 

Can you guarantee me 40 hours a week? 

No.  We can only assign a client when we have a client.  Like any business, there can be slow periods and busy periods.

I have experience but I’m not certified.

We highly value life-experience and a desire to contribute to the life experience of a client.  Common sense and a positive attitude are skills that do not require certification!  You’ll also benefit from required training.  Our experienced caregivers are good mentors.

What if I have an accent?

Approximately 35% of our caregivers speak English with an accent from another country.  Many of our elder clients have age-related hearing impairment and their desire for a caregiver without an accent comes from the difficulty understanding words spoken differently, particularly on the telephone.  If you are willing to commit to speaking slowly and with patience (NOT necessarily loudly) while your client gets to know you and how you express yourself, it is almost never a problem.  We are happy to coach you.  Other caregivers will help, too.

What if the client doesn’t like me? 

Part of our commitment to care is finding a good match between client and caregiver.  Trust us—don’t take it personally.  Many times, a client has requested we remove a particular caregiver while another client may want ONLY the caregiver the other client rejected.  It’s usually based on nothing more than a “feeling”.  We try to honor that for both client AND caregiver. 

I’m not sure how to write a correct Care Note. 

Each new employee attends an educational workshop (in addition to orientation) whether they’re experienced note-takers or beginners.  We’ll teach you how to prepare a professional record of your time with your client.

I only want to work as a companion. 

That’s ok with us.  We have many clients who never need anything beyond companionship and activities.  Its very interesting that 92% of our caregivers ask our RN to train them in more complex caregiving skills so they can remain with their clients long-term.  What the companions initially felt would be too difficult to do, almost always becomes part of the routine as their client requires more skilled care.  Its your personal choice.